It is normal to have a disagreement with your significant other now and again, however, it may come as a shock to learn how many couples argue over having an untidy house.

Clutter has a large impact on whether a relationship will progress to the next stage and since 41% of people stated that they would refuse to move in with their partner due to their clutter crimes; clutter may break your relationship.

The UK have the smallest homes in Europe and with new housing in the UK being built smaller, space continues to be an issue.

If you can relate to the 2.4 million couples in the UK who argue up to 154 times a year over clutter, it may be time to change your ways before clutter creates a barrier and ruins your relationship.

But how?

Rather than moving into a larger home, ending your relationship or continue arguing, storage is the answer. 

Storage – Different storage options help keep items organised and not visible to the naked eye. If you live in a small home, investing in a bed that has draws attached to the structure allows you to maximise the space you have. Depending on your budget, you may choose to purchase a larger wardrobe, extra cabinets or even a coffee table that comes with draws installed. There are many attractive storage items that can add character to your house, while solving your clutter problems!

Self Storage – The beauty of self storage, is that you do not need to throw any memories or cherished items away. Within a few hours, you can move items into a storage unit and your home will feel more spacious and most importantly; clutter free! When you wish to retrieve the items you placed in storage, you are able to access the unit at any time convenient. At Spaces and Places all units are accessible 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clutter is known to increase stress, make it harder to relax and affect the ability to think clearly. Get in touch with Spaces and Places and say goodbye to the endless arguments revolving around the dreaded word; clutter.