Once you have made the decision to move and put your house on the market you need to ensure your home is ready for viewing.

To attract the best buyers you need to make sure that you give the best impression possible to the people who view your property.

If you have lived in the same house for a while you will have accumulated a lot of stuff and whilst it may be important to you, when a prospective buyer comes to view your home they want to able to see themselves living there in the future.

When a prospective buyer asks to view a property they will probably have already decided they like the area, the price and the general external appearance of the house. They now want to experience the ‘feel’ of the house and imagine how they will use the different rooms within the house. For this reason you need to declutter and de-personalise your home to make it more neutral yet still welcoming.

To prepare your home for viewing:-

  • Declutter – take the opportunity to start sorting through all your possessions. Some things can be thrown away or given to charity shops straight away. Other things you will want to keep but could be packed away and put into storage ready for your move. This will help to clear space in rooms and cupboards to give buyers a better impression of your home and the space it has to offer.
  • De-personalize – removing and packing away treasured possessions like paintings the children have done, holiday souvenirs, family photos, or equipment used for hobbies helps to make your home more neutral, so buyers can imagine how their could make this their home.
  • Neutral but welcoming – you don’t want to pack everything away but tidying up rooms and cupboards make your home look clean and organised. Uncluttered rooms will also give a feeling of space.

All the things you pack up can be stored in self-storage units until you are ready to move. This will help to make the move easier and mentally prepare you for moving out of your home.

Spaces and Places storage units offer a cost-effective and practical solution to clearing your home and get it ready for a viewing.

If you’re moving house this summer get in touch with Spaces and Places.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’ in your home it is probably time to have a good sort out and declutter. Process of decluttering is not only beneficial for your wellbeing but it can also be financially beneficial too.

As the May bank holiday approaches that extra day off could be the perfect time to start decluttering and making some extra cash.

The best way to declutter is to take one room at a time and sort things into four piles: to keep, to sell, to donate, and to bin.

If there are items you are  not sure about getting rid of, just consider whether you have used it in the last 12 months , if you haven’t you probably won’t use in the future, so get rid of it.

Once you have your piles you then need to work out the best ways to make money from your ‘sell’ pile.

  • Go to a car boot sale or nearly new sale with your items. There is usually a fixed price charged for hiring the pitch but if you have a lot of items to sell it is could be a cost effective option and it can be fun too
  • Use a second hand shop to sell your items for you. They will take a commission charge but if don’t’ like the idea of selling items yourself or are short on time it could a good solution to get some cash for your unwanted items
  • Selling online. Ebay is the most commonly used site but they will take 10% and you need to factor in things like postage. The royal mail can work out expensive so consider couriers like Hermes as an alternative or include the postage in the cost in the purchase price. Gumtree is an alternative on line site which is free and operates on a more local basis. Selling via Facebook is also becoming more popular
  • Recycling clothes for cash with stores like H&M
  • Selling unwanted items to online sites – Fatbrain will give you cash for your unwanted books, MusicMagpie will buy unwanted CD’s, DVD’s and games and Envirofone will give you cash for your old mobile phones.

If you are left with clutter that you don’t want to sell or throw away, why not keep it in self-storage to free up space in your home.

At Spaces and Places we have storage units of varying sizes and we offer safe, clean and highly affordable flexible storage options, with 24/7 access.  For more information, get in touch with one of our team.

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