The Simple Guide to Self-Storage

Many people think of self-storage as something that other people use. The presumption is that using a self-storage facility is expensive, inconvenient and only to be used as a last resort in extreme cases like having to work abroad for six months and rent your house out. Anyone who has used Spaces and Places’ self-storage West Midland’s area will be able to tell you that service that is on offer is in fact extremely easy to use and is far from costly.

How Much Does Self-Storage Cost?

Exactly how much the weekly cost of a self-storage West Midlands container is will depend on the size of the unit that you need to store your goods in.  The smallest container is an eight-foot ground floor unit and this costs £80 per calendar month. Based on an average month of thirty days this means that you can have secured storage for just £2.66 a day.

Spaces and Places charge a fully refundable deposit of £100 however there are no additional extras or hidden charges. There is an option for customers to take out contents insurance on their container contents should they wish to but this is not a mandatory requirement.

How Easy is Spaces and Places Storage to Access?

All Spaces and Places self-storage facility containers are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No appointment is necessary and the containers are set out in such a way as to make it easy for you to back right up to the door of your container with any vehicle.

How Secure are the Spaces and Places Containers?

The security of the self-storage facility containers is given the highest priority. At the Ansley site alone there is security fencing, security in place overnight, CCTV installed and the containers themselves are made of new “furniture grade” steel. You can be sure when taking on self-storage West Midlands and area that your belongings will be safe and secure for as long as you need them to be.

What is the Minimum Period of Storage Allowed?

The beauty of using a self-storage facility such as this is that you only commit to a weekly rent. Provided you give a week’s notice and the container is left empty and in a good clean condition you will get your deposit back and the contract is finished. You can come back as many times as you need to and can enjoy both short of long term storage, dependant on what your needs dictate.

It really is that simple. Whether you want to de-clutter your home or garage, archive files and folders or store excess stock, Spaces and Places’ self-storage West Midlands facilities are run with your needs in mind. For more information on how the self-storage facility runs to visit the main website or call the staff that are more than happy to answer any of your questions.