Tips for efficient and economical Self Storage

Shifting from one location to another might give you a headache. However, there are many movers and packers that offer self-storage facilities and take care of your need for storage units. Before using the units for self-storage, do keep in mind the following useful tips that will ensure that your valuables and family heirloom are kept safely:

Plan the way you wish to use the self-storage units. Proper planning will make your self-storage efficient and profitable. Check if the self-storage boxes are uniform in size and in accordance with your storage needs. Plan your self-storage unit space. If you wish to use a large space, avoid filling it completely. A larger and free self-storage space is always an added benefit as it provides ample room to store more stuff if the need arises. Store the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top of the self-storage box. Fill empty spaces with bubble wrap or sheets to avoid friction between stored items. Determine what you can store and whatnot. Label all boxes in order to make them easily identifiable. Seal the boxes with masking tape for proper storage. Leave a small gap between the material and the wall to facilitate ventilation. Lock the self-storage unit with a good quality lock, preferably a disc lock, as it is much difficult to break. Prepare an inventory of stored items to keep a track of all the items in the self-storage units. Pack brittle dishes and glassware in bubble wrap individually and place them in their original boxes if possible. Label them as fragile and do not put heavy items on these boxes. Hang clothing, curtains and curtain rods on hangers and in the absence of hangers, fold and store them in drawers or boxes. Wrap ornaments, crockery, cutlery and small in tablecloths, towels, or blankets to prevent breakage. Dry out refrigerators or freezers before storing in self-storage units. Ensure that stoves and cooking equipment are cleaned before storage. Store shovels and hoses in empty trash cans.

Always make a foolproof plan before shifting so that you do not experience last moment chaos. These self-storage tips may consume a little time and effort, but will definitely provide proper care to your staff and add to their life.