Top Tips for Organising your Spaces and Places Unit

There are a number of businesses and individuals who use our self-storage facilities, many of them with very different needs.

Rummaging through a storage unit can be infuriating, and before you know it you’ve spent hours searching high and low for a single item.

No matter how big or small your unit is, you should treat the space just like any part of your home. To help you get your unit in the order we have created a list containing our top tips for organising your self-storage unit.

Plan before you move in–sketch out a rough layout for your storage unit before you move in. While it might seem tedious it will pay off in the future! Check storage boxes– One damaged box could cause a whole host of problems, especially if it’s located near the bottom of a stack. Label everything— This is key for quick identification of what’s inside your boxes. Label your boxes on the top and side. This will save you heaps of time if you need to find a particular box quickly

Keep a list of everything in the unit- an inventory can be helpful to keep back at home, so you can refer to it as needed. It will prove useful when you find yourself wondering where something is.

Consider where you place items—Store valuables, and items that will not be often needed to the rear of the storage unit and items you will need access to toward the front. Place heavier items at the bottom— It might sound obvious, but it is an important tip if you want to avoid getting crushed under a toppling stack of boxes! Store your items in plastic containers— Plastic containers are much more robust and will protect against mould and mildew significantly better than cardboard boxes. Let your stuff breathe!- Leave a small airspace between your stored items and the wall of the storage unit to ensure adequate airflow and ventilation. Leave space to walk—Stack items and boxes along the side of the unit to allow for easy navigation when you visit later. A small walkway from the front of the unit to the back will ensure you can reach every box at any time. Use all available space –utilise the height of the unit and go up to the ceiling if possible with bookcases or cabinetry. This will stop your unit getting over-cluttered at floor level.

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