What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

1. Anything illegal/stolen property

If you don’t own it then don’t keep it in a storage unit! Staff at storage facilities are trained to keep on top of any illegal activity and wouldn’t hesitate to call the police if they suspected any wrongdoing.

2. Animals

While this one may seem obvious, there have been plenty of cases where people have been caught keeping pets or living creatures in their storage units. Not only is this cruel, but it is also illegal! Birds, fish and other living creatures must all be kept out of self-storage.

3. Fireworks

With November the 5th rapidly approaching you may be tempted to stock up on fireworks to store ready for bonfire night. While many of our modern units are designed to keep you safe from fire, unfortunately, firework storage is a big no-no at Spaces and Places. In the event that they suddenly went off, it would be extremely hazardous for the facility and our other customers.

4. Plants

While it’s unlikely that plants would survive in a dark storage unit anyway, keeping them locked up is likely to attract mould and mildew.

5. Food or perishables

It’s definitely not a good idea to store food or perishable goods in your self-storage unit. If you forget about it, rotting or mouldy food can cause unwanted odours and affect everything else you may be stored in your unit.

It could also attract insects and vermin, causing an infestation throughout the whole facility.

Some other items you may want to consider keeping out of your unit include:

·      Scented candles or soaps (can attract pests)

·      Wet/damp items

·      Flammable materials

·      Electronics

·      Sentimental photo albums (which may be damaged by humidity)