5 Great Reasons for going Self Storage

There are probably as many reasons for using self-storage as there are self-storage facilities, but below are some of the most popular:

1.    Renting is cheaper than… renting

Even in straightened times, commercial rents are high – particularly the closer to City and town centres the premises are located. Self-storage is much cheaper to rent per square foot so it makes sense store as much as possible. Archived material, marketing material and stationery supplies, temporarily unused furniture and computer equipment can all be stored in dry and secure conditions, accessed 24/7 and offer considerable cost savings. If you are looking for first premises or moving offices, decide what is essential to have on a daily basis – get the rest into storage. If commercial rents are high, then residential rent is off the scale. Again, it makes sense only to rent the absolute minimum space needed – it makes no sense to rent, say, a second bedroom only to fill it up with stuff. Put that stuff into storage and save the difference between one bed and two bed flat – every month.

2.    Loft ladders anyone?

Most houses end up with a loft full of stuff that is too good to throw away but not needed on a daily basis. Accessing it becomes a bit of a chore:  getting up the loft for starters, then trying to find what you need amongst the mess and then trying to get it down from the loft. Dusty attics are often not the best place for storage either in terms of temperature and dampness. Self-storage offer dry, clean condensation-free units that you simply walk straight into.

3.    Give yourself a little extra room

Modern homes are brilliant and are increasingly designed for energy efficiency and low running costs. However, storage space is often limited – and we seem to own more and more ‘stuff’ – electrical items, clothes, etc. Again, most new homes have a parking space rather than a garage and smaller gardens mean there may be no room for even a small shed. Self-storage offers a practical and low-cost way to get a little extra room for all those extra items. They are not only kept safe and secure but can be accessed at any time

4.    Study time

Student accommodation is always difficult to find and one way to make it easier – and cheaper – is to reduce the amount of space needed. Living, studying and often eating in one room can become more pain but the more free space the easier it becomes. Self-storage can offer some things that student accommodation often lacks – they are clean, dry and easy to get to! Use them to store everything you don’t need on a daily basis and free yourself – and your room.

5.    You’re a flexible friend

You don’t need to be Trotters Independent Traders to spot a bargain, but sudden unexpected stock needs to be stored. It makes no business sense to rent lock-ups for six or twelve months at a time when you hope to turn stock over in a matter of days or weeks. Not only is self-storage secure, but it is also usually available on a week-to-week basis so you rent the space you need when you need it. ‘Lovely Jubbly’ as someone might say. There are plenty of great reasons why self-storage units can save space as well as costs for almost any business.