Back from Uni… and into storage?

Whilst every parent loves their children dearly, sometimes the thought of them returning from university for the summer can raise a few issues. As well as the extra food and laundry, most students will bring the contents of their ‘digs’ with them as they move from between university years. Whereas they left home with a suitcase, a laptop and a George Foreman grill they seem to return with a half the contents of the IKEA catalogue.

This is where modern storage facilities offer an alternative to the prospect of a summer trying to find room in your home for all this extra stuff, and trying to access it when required. The benefits are clear, the cost low and the advantages all too easy to see:

No Long Term Contracts

The minimum period for renting space is just 1 week – so you only need to pay for the time you are using the facilities. If a change of plan means your student son or daughter needs to move into new accommodation unexpectedly, you have not spent money on wasted fees and are not tied into a contract

Only the space you need

Another advantage of modern storage units is their sheer flexibility in terms of size – whether you need 8ft or 80ft there is usually a unit to accommodate. You may find you need more storage – or even less – than you imagined but that’s often no problem as there will be a unit to match your exact needs

Access all areas

It’s likely your young genius will suddenly need something that’s stored away. Perhaps a book for some study, but more likely a must-have dress for tonight’s party or that crucial dubstep CD that needs to be listened to straight away. The good news is that, no matter what the need is, modern storage offers 24/7 access

The Price is Right

Perhaps the biggest surprise is what great value the units are, especially if you have used storage facilities in the past. Of course, prices vary and you need to make sure there are no hidden extras. Even within the same area, prices can differ a lot so ring around to some quotes first. Renting self-storage space will keep your home tidy, and allow your son or daughters possessions to be kept clean, tidy and all in one place for easy access. But the advantages don’t stop there. Renting property is expensive so when your son or daughter is looking for accommodation, self-storage will help them rent a smaller – and cheaper property. Put all the stuff they don’t use every day into store locally – they can get to it whenever they want – and they will soon find they need less space and therefore can look to save money on rent. They’ll put all the money they save into the bank of course and will not be tempted to buy more booze or takeaways. Seriously, with the cost of higher education today any saving will help so make self-storage a priority.