5 Top Tips to Utilize Your Storage Space

When you have a lot of possessions, and not a lot of space, it is easy to get frustrated and throw everything into the storage unit and think ‘I will worry about my stuff later!’

Below are our top 5 tips, which will help you organise your belongings and gain the most space for your money.

1.    Purchase boxes

Now, this may seem obvious to many storage users, however, the width and height can be overlooked. The first thing you need to do is measure your storage space as this way you will be able to calculate how many boxes can fit in the storage space!

2.    Label your boxes

When you decide that you suddenly need an item that is in your storage unit, but you have no idea which box you placed it in, you will get stressed. To avoid the blood, sweat and tears; label your boxes!

3.    Buy plywood

In order to guarantee you are making the most of your space, you will be placing boxes upon boxes upon boxes. To avoid placing too much weight and pressure on the box at the bottom, you can put strips of plywood across each row of boxes. This will not only make everything more stable, but it will also avoid crushing the boxes below.

4.    Heavy items at the bottom, lighter items at the top

As simple as this sounds, we guarantee there will be one person out there who will get to their last box of possessions and will either not be able to lift it in the storage space or end up crushing all the softer boxes below!

5.    Place necessity items near the opening

Now you have mastered your Tetris skills and your storage unit looks organised and secure, what happens when you move into your house, or suddenly need an item you have left in the unit? At Spaces and Places, we would place a kettle and tea bags near the front of the unit! But everyone is different. Decide which items you will need more than others and place fewer necessity items near the back.

If you have any questions on what size storage space is for you, do not hesitate to contact us today