Why Use a Storage Unit?

Storage units are becoming increasingly popular, due to the fact they appeal to so many people. If you are looking to set up a business or store your items, Spaces and Places have the ideal storage unit for you.

1.    Cost-effective

The price of a storage unit is extremely cost-effective, especially if you want to run a business. When you compare prices for renting buildings, to the cost of a storage unit, you could save hundreds of pounds a month.

2.    Access 24/7

This is a massive benefit, especially if you are moving house.  When you move house, not everything is going to go as smoothly as planned. Whether it’s picking up your keys late, or the moving truck arriving late, at least you have the guarantee you can pick up your prized possessions at any time.

3.    Safety and security

When you store your items, especially if they are meaningful or valuable to you, you want to make sure that you are placing them in a safe area.  Each unit at Spaces and Places is fitted with a lockbox. The lockbox acts alongside your padlock to give you the utmost safety. You will keep both sets of keys. There is also additional security cameras and secure fencing at Spaces and Places in all their locations.

4.    Reduces stress levels

Having set deadlines to move items increases stress. Having a storage unit allows you to place your items in an area where you can go to at your leisure.

5.    Seasonal

When the summer comes, campervans and canoes come out. However, when winter comes, where do they go? Storage units are popular for people who do not possess enough space to store seasonal items.

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