Will My Possessions be Safe in a Storage Unit?

With the Internet at people’s fingertips, there are bound to be a few horror stories about storage unit disasters. However, Spaces and Places pride themselves at their customer loyalty and customer satisfaction!

The top two questions that come to people’s minds when renting a storage unit are, ‘will my possessions be safe?’ and ‘will my possessions get ruined?’ All storage units at Spaces and Places are constructed from steel, and each unit has wooden floors, ventilation and rubber door seals. This means that your valuables and possessions will stay dry and clean. Take a look at why you should trust Spaces and Places with your possessions…


CCTV and secure fencing throughout all three locations is definitely an aspect that puts Spaces and Places, customers, at ease. Also, the lockbox, which is placed in each container, can be used alongside your padlock, which will add extra security. Lastly, each person that owns the container keeps both sets of keys; resulting in each person to be in complete control of their container.


24/7 access is one of the many benefits which Spaces and Places offer their customers. This allows you to come to the storage unit at any time that suits you, whether it is a Saturday night or early hours of Monday morning, the choice is up to you! Spaces and Places will give you a secure access code when you purchase a unit, which will allow you to come at your leisure.


We, unfortunately, cannot control the weather, however, now you will be able to relax when there is a downpour of rain, or heavy snow, as your items are secure. The security cameras and secure fencing will also put your mind at ease, especially if you need to access your container late at night.

If you have any further enquiries about access and security, please do not hesitate to contact us