Start the New Year Clutter Free

Now that Christmas is over, and you have many gifts and not enough space, a storage unit may be an option you are considering. Instead of placing all your gifts and items in your ‘man cave’ or shed, why not place them in a storage unit? Your house will become clutter-free and your home might even start to look like a room you see in a magazine!

Clutter seems to happen instantly overnight. One morning your house is neat and tidy, and before you know it there are toys, magazines and work scattered everywhere. When you finally get the energy to organise the clutter, you might find it difficult to throw items away, as everything we have, has a memory attached to it.

Making space for all the new clothes, toys and large items is a mental challenge. Making compromises with yourself and your family can be avoided with a storage unit, as you are not throwing away your precious memories, you are instead keeping them safe. If you suddenly need an item, which you have placed in storage, do not worry, Spaces and Places is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With all this extra space, you can create a new room, whether it is a gym or allowing yourself or your significant other to have that ‘man cave’ they have dreamt of, your options are endless. Spaces and Places offer different sized containers for different needs; whether its placing documents, a Christmas tree, or endless boxes of clothes, the storage unit is good enough for many items. If you have a particular requirement, do not hesitate to contact us.

Start the New Year with a clutter-free life; call Spaces and Places today!