New Year…No Clutter!

2015 has gone in a blink of an eye.

The New Year is here and you no longer need to worry about cooking Christmas dinner or buying presents. You finally have time to focus on yourself.

Everybody sets themselves different goals for the New Year, and usually, these goals relate more so towards leading a healthier life.

Obvious resolutions would be to commit yourself to the gym or create a healthy eating plan; however, making your home clutter-free can also help you achieve your New Year goals in the long run.

Clutter causes stress!

If your house is untidy, you may find you become mentally distracted and anxious. Your home is meant to be a place where you can relax, but if piles of gifts or paperwork are constantly around, you will find it much harder to relax.

Spaces and Places have storage units specifically for documents, or you can opt for a self-storage unit to place meaningful items that you own. Spaces and Places self-storage units are available in different sizes, depending on the amount of storage room you need.

Once you have a clutter-free home, you will no longer dread going into your house and dealing with the mental challenge of tidying up today or waiting until tomorrow. By putting your mind at ease, you have eliminated one main cause of stress and frustration.

Clutter is easy to remove from your life. Yes, it may be time-consuming, but think about how many times you have seen the mess and had negative thoughts. There are many articles and books which all come to the same conclusion; ‘tidy house, tidy mind.’

Start de-cluttering your house today, and place your possessions in a Spaces and Places self-storage unit!