A Self Storage Service That Won’t Compromise on Security

Every time you put on the radio, open a newspaper, a news website or talk to neighbours there seems to be another report about the theft. There is no doubt that thefts of valuable items such as bikes, vehicles, lawnmowers and power tools are becoming more common and the costs to insurance company and individuals have risen sharply in recent years.

Thefts such as these are known as crimes of opportunity. Tools left in a work van overnight, garages and sheds that aren’t properly secured or are in poor repair as well as bikes and similar items left unattended in gardens and yards are easy targets for those unscrupulous enough to want to make a profit from stealing someone else’s belonging.

The police advise anyone who is storing tools or similar items to ensure that they secure them and to mark them to ensure that they are returned to their rightful owner. Spaces and Places would prefer you do not have to wait for your belongings to be returned or your insurance company to payout. Spaces and Places storage Nuneaton and area believes in prevention and have tailored their self-storage service accordingly.

When you use storage Nuneaton facilities you can be confident that your belongings will be well taken care of insecure, clean and dry containers which give easy access to those who rent them only. The self-storage service based at Ansley Common, which is conveniently placed for anyone in the Warwickshire and West Midlands, has a number of additional security measures in place.

Night patrols are provided by Manor Security seven days a week, the premises are surrounded by a high-grade security fence and CCTV is in place at Ansley. This coupled with the furniture grade steel container units makes using Spaces and Places self-storage service the wisest choice.

There is no risk of any opportunities being left open to encourage thieves however for extra peace of mind Spaces and Places offer you the option to insure your container contents for as little as 45p a week. Many self-storage facilities insist on insurance however the storage Nuneaton facilities have this is placed as an advised option, not as a mandatory condition of renting a container.

There may be twenty-four-hour access for the storage Nuneaton depot but this access is restricted to those who have a right to be there so that all Spaces and Places customers can enjoy the use of their container quietly, conveniently and without fear of having their possessions compromised in any way.

It is obvious that the burglary rates for items such as tools and bikes are on the rise, but that isn’t something that you, as a storage Nuneaton customer needs to be concerned with. After being on the receiving end of poor self-storage in the past, the Spaces and Places owners are committed to ensuring that their customers enjoy a very different service. You don’t take extra risks with your belongings and Spaces and Places doesn’t see why you should.  Get in touch now to discuss your needs and the options that are available and enjoy secure and hassle-free self-storage service.