Getting the Most Out of Self Storage Units

When it comes to renting self-storage units the process is very simple and easy to understand. This guide to making your storage work for you from Spaces and Places will help ensure that you want to keep coming back time and time again.

Pack Your Storage Items Correctly

When storing items away for any length of time it can be easy to forget what went in which box, what boxes contain fragile items and of course it can be simple to fail to prepare some items for storage so that they remain in the same condition that there were in when you stored them. An example of this may be garden tools or lawnmowers. Equipment such as these should be thoroughly cleaned prior to storage and oiled if necessary.

Use appropriate packing materials to carefully wrap and box up your items. With a bold permanent marker clearly mark each box with its contents. This will not only make finding items easier at a later date but will avoid mishaps that can occur such as stacking heavy packed boxes on top of glass-filled ones.

Ensure that any boxes that contain anything fragile that may protrude from the box such as any kind of metal blade are boxed up or wrapped in such a way as to ensure that no-one is hurt and no damage is caused.

Loading Up Self Storage Units

Spaces and Places self-storage Crewe containers, as with all Spaces and Places units are placed so that your vehicle can drive right up to the container door. Park your vehicle so that you have easy access to the items being stored.

Decide which items need to be stored first. These will be the items that you are least likely to want to gain access to. The items you will need to access more often should be placed at the front of the container.

Use a trolley or similar where appropriate to move items and boxes into the storage container. Have someone accompany you to move heavy or awkward items and protect your back when moving and handling contents at all times.

Cover any items such as sofas with a dust sheet or similar. Despite self-storage units being cleaned prior to being re-let it is wise to put down a groundsheet if you are likely to be storing fabric items such as armchairs and settees to ensure that they are fully protected.

Stack boxes carefully to make sure that they are not only safely arranged so will not topple and cause damage or injury but also make the best use of the space that you have. Use small items to fill gaps where appropriate and don’t leave anything positioned in such a way that could be described as unsecure.

Utilise Expert Knowledge

Don’t forget that the Spaces and Places staff have years of combined experience in self-storage units that they are more than happy to share with you to ensure that you get the best out of your storage experience. If you have any queries or need advice you can be confident that the self-storage Crewe staff is on hand to help you out.