Are You Price Conscious This Year?

May is nearly over and summer is around the corner, which means holidays, outdoor activities and sunshine!

Most of us struggle with money worries and throughout the year, money can control which holiday destination you can go to, how much you can spend on presents and where you live. At Spaces and Places, we understand that you want to get the most for your money, which is why we welcome phone calls to talk about what unit would suit your needs the best.

Why get a storage unit?

Studies show that having a cluttered house is a leading cause of anxiety and stress. This stress will not go overnight, however, if you spend a few hours a week focusing on areas of your house that look cluttered, you will be able to tackle the mess. Items that you will not be needing for a while, or are too memorable to throw away can go into self-storage. If you stick to a plan, and tackle one room at a time, within a month your house will be a stress-free and relaxing place to live.


If you are starting up a business, or have an established business but your workload is taking up too much room in your house, why not use a storage unit? Spaces and Places offer document storage for your important paperwork that you are not able to recycle. Many businesses also run their business from a storage unit as there are no added rent fees, and you are able to access the unit 24/7.


Storage units are used to place items that are cluttering your home, this ranges from clothes to furniture. Instead of filling up your garage, or nominating a cluttered room in your house, a storage unit is a solution. eBay is a popular site for you to sell items you no longer need and turn the storage unit into a stage, like one of our customers did.

If you want to rent a high quality and yet affordable storage unit, call Spaces and Places today.