Take the Stress out of Moving House

Moving house has proven to be one of the most stressful events that can happen in your lifetime. Studies have not only proven that moving house is demanding but moving actually ranks more stressful than starting a new job and getting a divorce. In fact, the new findings show that 61 per cent of people state moving house is placed at the top of their stress list. Further studies show that the stress of moving house will last with a person for more than three months. Spaces and Places understand we can not stop this stress, but we can help minimize your stress levels by following these tips.

Organise Boxes

This may sound simple, but it is easily forgotten. Start packing once you know your moving date. This way, you will not become overwhelmed a few days before you move. When packing, make sure you use labels that tell you what is in the box, and where it needs to go.


Protect your furniture from scratches and dints by wrapping cling film or bubble wrap around the areas sticking out.


Do not take all items of clothing off hangers, instead place them in bin-bags. This way, your clothes will be easier to carry, and once you arrive at your new home, you can place them straight into the wardrobe!


Take photos of all electrical wires in order to remember where each wire goes. Also, place each set of wires in plastic bags with labels on them to avoid stress once you start setting up in your new home

Bits and Bobs

Save money by wrapping valuables, crockery and other items in tea towels. This will not only protect your belongings; it will also save you time packing your tea towels separately.

Storage Unit

Once you have packed and organized the majority of boxes, place them into a storage unit near your new house. When moving day finally arrives, you will only have a couple of boxes, furniture and necessities to transfer to your new home. At Spaces and Places, all our units are available to access 24/7 which will reduce your stress levels significantly. All-day you have had set time limits; picking up and transferring your belongings can now be on your own time.

If you have any questions, specific demands or need advice, feel free to call Spaces and Places today.