Why Self Storage is the Perfect Solution

Ever since the first U.K storage units opened in the mid-1990s, self-storage has become extremely popular. Why? Self-storage is perfect for accommodating both short term and long term needs. If you are unsure why you should choose to rent a storage unit, then read on to sway your decision.


Self-storage units are extremely reasonably priced, especially if you are looking to use it as a business workplace. By using a storage unit, you save money by not having to pay council tax and business rates. Even better, if you are VAT registered, you are able to reclaim your VAT. You will notice large savings monthly, resulting in more profit for your company.

If you are moving house or looking for a place to store your belongings, self-storage is not only a cheap option, it is also convenient as you are able to drop off and collect at a time that suits you.


You may be going on a long vacation, or looking for a safe place to store your items and self-storage is the answer. With top of the range CCTV cameras, secure fencing and additional security features, your belongings will be in safe hands, which means you can fully relax on your vacation.

Money Making

If you are starting a business, or keeping items safe until they grow in value, you will be making money both in the short and long term. The best part is Spaces and Places does not hold you to a long term lease, therefore if your business is taking a turn for the worse, you just have to give a one week notice period. If you rent a building, you would not have this flexibility.


In order to run a successful and legally correct business, you will have a lot of paperwork that you need storing. If you store this paperwork in your house, you are running the risk of theft as well as cluttering your home. By keeping all documents in one area, you are able to stay organised.

If you are looking to keep your belongings safe, start a business or keep documents in a reliable, trustworthy and safe place, contact Spaces and Places today.