British Homes are the Smallest in Europe

Everybody knows that the United Kingdom is a small Island, but I’m sure many of you will be shocked to know, that the U.K has the smallest homes in Europe.

The Telegraph states, “more than half of homes are falling short of minimum modern space standards.” With the price of properties increasing, especially nearer the city centres, and the unemployment levels still high, it is no wonder that many people have to settle for a house that doesn’t offer enough space.

If you live with a partner and have children, this lack of space increases physical and mental stress among all members living in the home. The constant pressure to move into a larger place can also put a mental strain on the homeowners, and chances of depression increase.

Even though you could buy a home away from the city centre and commute a further distance to work, this will affect the balance between work life and family life. If you are willing to travel to London so you will receive a higher wage, you will need to be prepared to have less time at home. However, if you only want to commute a few minutes to work, then you will have to prepare to live in a smaller home. So where’s the balance?

Firstly, you will have to decide for yourself whether providing for your family or spending time with your family is more important. If you are willing to commute five days a week, then you will more likely be able to live in a larger home. However, if you want to travel short distances and live in a smaller home, then you have to utilize the space that you have.

Instead of using a room for storage, or keeping all your important documents stacked up in a room, a storage unit is an answer. You can place any of your belongings that are making your house feel smaller in a storage unit, which will allow you to have more space in your home. By making your house clutter-free, you will suddenly have a home.

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