All You Need to Know About Storage Hunters UK Celebrity Special!

Storage Hunters has been a massive hit in the UK, so much so, that it has attracted many of the auctioneers from the U.S Storage Hunters series.

Whether the American Storage Hunter competitors are bidding because the show in the UK is in higher demand, or simply for the fact they love the UK, we don’t mind!

The show captured the interest of celebrities, which meant Storage Hunters UK decided to create a one-off celebrity special program. The celebrities included Happy Mondays stars Shaun Ryder and Bez, Boxer Carl Froch, ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard, comedian Jenny Eclair and former actress Lizzie Roper. Throughout the program, each celebrity bid for his or her chosen charity, and obviously the aim was to make a large profit after they finished bidding for the unit.

If you were expecting a light-hearted episode of the hit show, you will be sadly mistaken! The competition was high, and each person had tactics at their fingertips to make sure each storage unit didn’t go cheap!

Even though this was a celebrity special episode, there are many other episodes that are just as eventful. However, the difference is, is that on Storage Hunters UK, the people bidding take the auction extremely seriously because it is their job. If they make money on a storage unit, they have earned a profit, however, they can also lose money if they purchase a storage unit for too much money.

The program is tense, funny and extremely competitive!

Storage Hunters UK is shown on Dave every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 pm

Even though it is unlikely to witness an auction at Spaces and Places , we do offer secure units that can be accessed 24/7. If you would like to rent a storage unit with us, just give us a call today