How to Successfully Move House for the First Time

Whether you are moving out of University, or moving out from your parent’s house, purchasing your first home is an exciting new chapter in your life.

Once you have decided on a house, which meets your financial and social needs, the move begins to become a reality. You will finally have your independence back, and an exciting few months ahead to look forward to.

One thing you will notice once you move house is that the house you are moving into is not home yet. It might be filled with some of the previous owners’ belongings or completely empty and in desperate need of a makeover. Regardless of the situation, you will have a lot of work ahead of you.

Another thing, which will have crossed your mind, is the lack of space. Your parent’s home most likely was larger than the place that you are moving into. This means that once you have moved all of your items into your dream home, you need to find a place for everything!

If you packed boxes strategically, the unpacking process becomes less stressful and time-consuming as you will not be walking from room to room. However, even if you are prepared, you might realise that the wardrobes are not large enough for all of your clothes, or your sofa looks too large in the lounge.  This is when a storage unit becomes a necessity until you are able to find a place for each of your belongings.

By focusing on a room at a time, you can place some of your belongings in a self-storage unit while you finish decorating. Once the decorating has been completed, you can slowly start moving your items into the room.

Lastly, do not overwhelm yourself and set yourself deadlines and realistic goals to reach. This will help you stay focused and not become overpowered by the challenge of entering a new house.

If you are moving house, feel free to contact us to learn more about Spaces and Places storage facility.