National Clutter Day

 Saturday 19th March… Put the date in your diary, it is National Clear Your Clutter Day 2016!

Jasmine Birtles is the lady who created this national day in the UK. Having worked as a finance expert, journalist and TV/ Radio presenter, Birtles decided her passion lies in helping people, which is why she created moneymagpie. Moneymagpie is Birtles way of helping people save money, as well as making money. Her website is filled with tips and tricks to help you pay for that holiday you didn’t realise you could afford.

The genius idea came to Birtles mind when she cleared out a room in her house that was filled with possessions she didn’t need. Now, cleaning out a room and decluttering your whole house can not be done in a day without you feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, which is why we are bringing knowledge about this event to you today.

Before the 19th March, competitions, videos and information online, in magazines and newspapers will help you determine between the good and the bad clutter in your house. Hopefully, you will become motivated and notice how much money you can make by selling and swapping your items that have been collecting dust for years.

On Saturday 19th March, experts will join Jasmine Birtles, who will help answer any questions or queries you have. If you are interested in joining the nation by clearing out your belongings, find out more about National Clutter Day 2016 by following the link.

Spaces and Places realise that selling and swapping your items can be a daunting task, especially if your items have memories attached to them. We encourage you to declutter your house, but if you are unsure about selling certain items, feel free to contact us for quotes on a storage unit. This way you have a win-win scenario… Your house is clean and tidy, while you still have the important memories and valuable items close by.