Creating a Self Storage Inventory

When you store items in a self-storage unit, it’s a good idea to create and keep an inventory.

At Spaces and Places, it’s common to see someone return to their unit only to find they have absolutely no idea where they put something – this can lead to endless searching through piles of unlabelled boxes which takes up a great deal of time. Keeping your unit organised with an inventory really can be indispensable when you come back to find something.

Not only will an inventory help you keep track of all your items, but it could also be a crucial piece of paperwork should you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Creating an inventory…

Creating an inventory for your storage unit is pretty straightforward.

Simply create a listing of all the items in the storage unit and keep it updated on a regular basis. If you take an item out, the list should be updated with the reason/date of removal. Similarly, if you add an item to your unit then note down the name, description and date on the list.

Numbering all your items/boxes can be a good way to keep up with your inventory. If you have shelving installed in your unit you may even want to number shelf numbers and note exactly which shelf each item is stored. This will allow you to easily locate a certain item should you need to use it.

For insurance…

If you’re using a unit to store business stock, documents or valuable/antique possessions then keeping an inventory is particularly important for insurance purposes.

When you’re creating your inventory remember to note down the value of each item and save a copy of a receipt in a safe place. In the unlikely event that your unit is damaged or broken into, an accurate and up to date inventory will ensure that there are no disputes over what items are worth when you file an insurance claim.

While we don’t insist that you take out contents insurance we would strongly advise getting your contents covered.

For more information on insurance or any aspect of our self-storage facilities, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions!