Declutter your Home with Spaces and Places

If you thought Spaces and Places self-storage was just for business use, think again.

From hoarders to minimalists and DIYers, many types of people look to self-storage as a great option to decluttering their homes or garages.

Can’t move in your garage or open the door to your spare room? Restore some calm into your home and rent a self-storage facility.

Benefits of Decluttering Your furniture will be used for its intended purpose. Just imagine – you will finally be able to eat at the dining table! You’ll have twice the surface space to display family photographs, ornaments and sentimental objects. You’ll finally be able to find your keys/wallet/mobile phone. You will be able to move around your home with ease. Living in a clean tidy environment will do wonders for your health, sleeping pattern and overall quality of life. You home will be more inviting and comfortable for guests to visit. How to begin

Decluttering is more than just hiding away things you don’t use in your spare room or garage.

Declutter your Home with Spaces and Places

eep and organise items that you use on a regular basis, throw/give away your clutter, and put things that you don’t need every day into storage.

Items you may want to store could include:

Sports equipment. Seasonal items (e.g. Christmas decorations, garden furniture.) Furniture. Inherited items. Seasonal clothes/shoes. Items that may be worth something in the future.

Modern houses have less storage space than ever, so as families get bigger and children get older you’ll inevitably find you have less space for rest and relaxation.

Getting a bigger house is simply not an option for many people, so why not rent a little space at a low cost and rescue your home from the endless build-up of jumble and clutter.

There’s no need to worry about leaving your possessions in a Spaces and Places unit. All our facilities offer top quality steel containers, which have wooden floors, fixed ventilation and rubber door seals, so no matter what you want to store, you can be assured that your possessions will be kept safe, secure, clean and dry.

You may also be reassured that we take security very seriously as we know our customers want to be assured that their prized possessions are stored securely. Access to the self-storage facility is via a coded gate, which will allow you to access the units 24/7.

For more information, feel free to contact us to discuss how we could help you.