The Self-Storage Craze – Average Stay Increases to 41 weeks

Self-storage first appeared in the United States during the 1960s and soon engulfed people worldwide. Now more and more people in the UK are storing their clutter, business supplies, treasured possessions and everything in-between.

The craze for self-storage took off in the UK about a decade ago, and since then around 800 vast warehouses have appeared around the country – as many as in the rest of Europe put together. There are now an estimated 830 self-storage facilities in the UK providing approximately 30.1 million sq. ft. of storage space.

Data from the Self Storage Association (SSA) revealed that the average length of stay for all customers increased last year to an average of 41 weeks (it was 37 weeks previously.)

Society has always had its hoarders, however, the increasing proportion of business users during the recession is another reason why average storage time has increased. It is reported that business users stay for 56 weeks while private individuals stay for an average of 27 weeks.

Self-storage is now becoming a necessity for many households, mainly because of cramped modern housing which doesn’t provide enough space for our ever-expanding families. “More people are living alone in smaller homes without garages or attics,” Says Rodney Walker, chief executive of the SSA.

Another survey showed that 90% of respondents reported an inability to part with treasured possessions, such as schoolbooks, birthday cards, photographs, old books or clothes. With no room to store items which hold so many memories for us, many people look to self-storage instead of throwing sentimental items away.

Self-storage can also be the perfect answer for bulkier items such as furniture, sports equipment or large boxes that can clutter up the home and cause great disruption.

So join the craze and get your goods out from under your feet and into self-storage.

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