Don’t move – improve with Storage in Nuneaton

We are happy that the very lovely Sarah Beeny has returned to our screens with yet another property programme – and we think our Nuneaton storage facilities should feature in her next series!

In her latest series, the Queen of Property TV has been encouraging people to make the most of their current home rather than go to the cost of moving home to increase the amount of space they enjoy. As la Beeny points out, not only is there more mortgage to pay (even if you can get one) but the costs of simply moving are massive once the taxman, Estate Agent and solicitors have had their share. In the series, she has encouraged people to build up, down and out (sometimes all three) to increase the amount of available living space.

At Spaces and Places, we agree – and are dedicated to helping homeowners make the most of their most valuable commodity. For homeowners in Warwickshire, our Nuneaton storage is a cost-effective way to achieve this – no architects, builders or Sarah Beeny required (sorry Sarah).

It’s true that most people tend to outgrow their homes fairly quickly, but much of this is due to the number of possessions they soon collect rather than additions to the household. Whole bedrooms, reception rooms and garages are soon given over to storage. Paying a mortgage for storage is perhaps the most expensive storage option available – especially when there low-cost local Nuneaton storage solutions for people in Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Modern homes are particularly tight for storage space and flats don’t offer the traditional loft space as a storage option. Cramped houses not only look untidy, but they can be dispiriting places to visit and live in.

If you want to make the most of the space available in your home, talk to us at Spaces and Places Self Storage, Nuneaton. We will talk you through the self-storage options available in terms of space and rental periods. We will be very clear about costs – and can even offer discounts for longer-term rentals. However, there are no long term contracts and we make it easy for you to pay in any way that suits you.

We think that the next time Sarah Beeny wants to help people make the most of their home, she should advise them to give us a call first!