Self storage for tradesman

Our self storage facilities in Nuneaton, Winsford and Manchester provide a brilliant base for trades-based businesses. Traditionally, plant and equipment have been stored either at home, in a lock-up or an industrial unit. None of these three locations is ideal – there may be concerns about condition, security and cost. Here we provide a checklist of business that might benefit from our self-storage facilities:

·       Bathroom fitters – store everything from complete suits to power tools insecure high-quality steel containers.

·       Boiler and gas fitters – our airtight, dry and clean storage units are brilliant for storing costly boilers; there is no need to leave them at risk on building sites and refurbs.

·       Builders – Store stock, materials and tools in our self-storage units. Collect and drop-off to suit with 24/7 access as standard

·       Cleaning companies – keep cleaning chemicals secure in our steel container units. Cleaning teams can collect and drop off equipment at a once convenient location.

·       Electricians – store stock, plant and equipment with complete peace of mind.

·       Landscape Gardeners – our storage units provide the ideal base for equipment and plants, and teams can come and go as they require. Get suppliers to deliver straight into your unit for extra convenience.

·       Plumbers – use our Manchester, Winsford and Nuneaton self-storage units as a great location for your business.

We have helped many companies save £000s off their storage costs, so if you’re looking for self-storage Nuneaton or any of the other areas we cover, call us and put us to the test. We can tailor a storage solution, especially for your business. We can also help with data storage and archiving. Whether you need to make security your priority, need a convenient base or are looking to save costs, call us today.