Empty the garage at home and enjoy a clutter free life

It would be interesting to know how many people actually use their garages to house their cars in. The majority of homeowners appear to need to use the garage as secondary storage as the house is already packed to capacity with items that just can’t be thrown away.

Imagine how much money could be saved on car insurance if a car could be stored securely in a garage overnight rather than on a road. Insurance companies base your insurance quote on many factors but the location of parking is a key one and can make a big difference in the level of premiums charged.

Local police are warning residents to be aware of spates of attempted and unfortunately successful garage break-ins. This is particularly disturbing when you consider the value of some of the items that are stored in outhouses, sheds and garages. There is now a relatively inexpensive way to ensure that the items that you cherish but use rarely are kept safe and this can be achieved by using secure self-storage facilities.

Lock N’Leave storage West Midlands offers twenty-four house access to their secure self-storage facilities from as little as £16.50 a week. Whether you have furniture, season items such as skiing equipment or boxes that have been in the garages since you moved in, Lock N’Leave have the storage solution for you.

More precious items such as family photographs and mementoes can also be stored in watertight top-quality containers and you can be reassured that these irreplaceable items are safe. All of the storage containers are cleaned out after being vacated and are kept dry and ventilated which ensures that not only are your items secure but are in conditions which ensure they do not get damaged. Lock N’Leave storage offers better storage conditions that a garage or shed as these are prone to mould and mildew and can be open to unwanted visitors such as mice.

The main difficulty in moving your items from the garage to Lock N’Leave storage West Midlands is deciding what the new and empty garage will be used for! Car storage is the obvious choice but space could make a great den or sound-proofed teenager hangout. Perhaps a well-organised workshop or hobby room could be installed in the extra space. The possibilities are limitless and very achievable when you de-clutter the garage and move your items into self-storage units.

It amazes many people just how much “stuff” they have accumulated over the course of a few years and how much space it takes all take up. Using self-storage give people the opportunity to keep everything safe and sort through it in their own time whilst being able to continue enjoying the extra garage and home space that has been freed up.

More information on Lock N’Leave storage West Midlands can be found on the website.