For business or genealogy enthusiasts: Archive your files with Lock N’Leave

The rules surrounding business tax and accounting seem to be constantly under review however one part of owning a business hasn’t changed and doesn’t look likely to; the amount of paperwork that must be kept. Five years of customer records, accounts, invoices, order sheets and more take up a considerable amount of space and are rarely ever needed. The law is, however, the law and Lock N’Leave self-storage are uniquely placed to help a business with their archiving needs.

The beauty of Lock N’Leave is that you can do just that; lock up your bulky paperwork and leave. Archiving is an effective way of drawing a line under the previous business year and moving forward.  With self-storage and adjoining areas Lock N’Leave are able to offer competitively priced safe and secure storage to assist in the necessary and often therapeutic de-cluttering that is archiving.

Businesses are not the only institutions that use self-storage to archive their rarely used items. By definition, archives are a collection of records that need to be preserved for business, cultural, historical or legal reasons. Basically anything that needs to be preserved for use at a later date can be archived, a prime example being family history records.

Genealogy is a popular hobby across the world which has become better known with the introduction of the internet into most residential homes. Genealogists, amateur or professional will in the course of their research collect an impressive amount of paperwork and records including birth certificates, marriage and death records and unique pieces which are irreplaceable. The very nature of genealogy is to collect data which can prove a timeline but is not necessarily needed again. It is evidence and as such needs to be stored carefully and securely. Lock N’Leave self-storage can provide a safe environment for these important records.

For most people, an interest like genealogy is not a professional interest, therefore, does not earn them anything. Paying over the odds in this case for self-storage would prove too expensive however Lock N’Leave can provide containers for just £16.50 a week.

Space is at a premium, be it in the home or the office, and having to archive your paperwork or research takes up room that could be put to much better use. The cost of increasing office space far outweighs that of Lock N’Leave self-storage service which is infinitely cheaper than moving to a bigger home. Lock N’Leave offers reasonably priced, top quality safe and secure storage that can be accessed at any time so that you can free up space and save yourself money in expanding.


Self-storage Cheshire and surrounding areas do not need to be overly expensive. Lock N’Leave believe in top service for a top service and that’s what it offers. To find out how Lock N’Leave can help with your archiving needs visit the main website for pricing and contact information.