Get Halloween Ready with Self Storage

Once a year, on October 31st, the majority of people around the world celebrate the unique and superstitious holiday; Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday where you can dress up, carve pumpkins, let children trick-or-treat and throw elaborate parties for friends and family! As exciting as Halloween is, it is also a time where you can spend hours decorating your home and creating your own costume which can become expensive and time consuming.

In order to not put your hard work to waste, read our top tips on how to protect all your Halloween items.


If you are throwing a Halloween party for the first time, you may be shocked at how expensive decorations and supplies are. If you want to throw a party that everybody will remember, you may buy fog machines, scary monsters that can pop out and terrify your guests, or turn your garden into a cemetery with coffins and gravestones for the ultimate effect.

All these items can put a dint in your wallet, which is why you should look to preserve and protect all your hard work by storing your decorations in a self storage facility. Halloween is one night a year, which means for the remaining days your decorations will by laying around your house until October 31st arrives again. In order to protect your investment and not have to buy items again, you have to make sure you are storing them in a safe and secure facility, which is why security is important.


You may be tempted to store your items at home, however this will take up valuable space and your decorations may become damaged and lost within all the clutter. All Spaces and Places facilities offer round the clock CCTV surveillance and each unit is fit with a ‘lock box’ in order to prevent tampering with your padlock. Learn more about the security features we offer here.

Spaces and Places not only offer safe and secure storage units throughout the North West of England, we also pride ourselves on offering great customer service. If you have questions about storing valuable holiday decorations, please get in touch.