Guide to Organising an Untidy Storage Unit

If you’ve spent a few months adding more and more stuff to your storage unit, chances are it’s probably looking a little untidy.

You might have started out with good intentions but storage units can soon lose their order and become haphazard and disorganised.

If the time has come to have a tidy up then read on for our guide to organising an untidy storage unit.

Sort out boxes

When you pack a box for storage it’s easy to throw it to the back of your unit and not think about it again. If this has happened, proceed with caution and don’t try and tackle it all at once.

When you’ve had items in storage for a long time it can be easy to forget what went in which box, what boxes contain fragile items and which ones are going to be heavy.

Start with the boxes nearest to the unit entrance and carefully go through one at a time. Throw out or sell anything you no longer need and keep to one side things you want to remain in storage.

Be ruthless

Take a few bin bags with you and be ruthless with the contents of your unit. If there is stuff in there you haven’t unpacked since day 1, then you probably won’t need it again. Bag up things to throw out, give to charity or sell on for a profit.


Once you’ve gone through the contents of your unit you can start to repack them. Use appropriate packing materials to carefully rewrap and box up your items.

Label everything

It’s always a good idea to label each box with details of its contents. This will not only make finding your stuff that much easier, but it will also help you avoid stacking mishaps.

Utilise Expert Knowledge

Don’t forget that the Spaces and Places staff have years of combined experience in self-storage units that they are more than happy to share with you to ensure that you get the best out of your storage experience.

If you have any queries or need advice, our staff are always on hand to help you out.