Top 10 Most Popular Uses for Self-Storage

1.Moving house

Moving house can be stressful. Many people turn to self-storage to store their things when they’ve sold their home but not moved into a new one, or to declutter their home before showing it to potential buyers.

2.Hobbies and sports

Hobby and sports equipment can often end up taking up more space than people anticipate. While smaller-scale pursuits are easy to manage within the home, many people use self-storage for sports gear, collectables and craft machinery that has started to outgrow their home.


A self-storage is a popular option for households looking to declutter their homes or garages. Storing items you don’t use on a regular basis means you don’t actually have to get rid of anything, but you can efficiently free up space in the house.

4.Commercial stock

It can be a struggle to accommodate big amounts of commercial stock, which could be why more and more businesses are seeing the commercial value of renting a business storage unit to meet their changing requirements.


Moving from a large space full of possessions to a smaller home can be tricky. Self-storage offers a safe space for downsizers to store furniture and other infrequently used items until they come to need them again.


More and more eBay sellers are benefitting from self-storage facilities. From small businesses to individuals looking to cash in on their unwanted possessions, self-storage offers advantages for everyone.

7. Business base

From data storage to a destination for a sales and marketing team, self-storage can be an ideal business solution.

8. Seasonal storage

People commonly look to self-storage as a way of storing seasonal items they won’t use at certain times of the year. Christmas decorations, clothing, sports gear and garden furniture are all good examples of seasonal items that people put into storage.

9. Travelling abroad

Unoccupied homes can provide the perfect opportunity for burglars to strike. With millions of us travelling abroad every year, it’s a good idea to put your valuables into self-storage before you jet off.

10. Student storage

Self-storage is a popular choice for university students who don’t want to cart the contents of their university digs back home when the time comes to pack up and move out for summer.