Happy Self Storage Christmas

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it’s great to know that storage in Warwickshire can help local businesses maximise their festive sales.

Here’s how:

1. Take advantage of bulk discounts

The more you buy the cheaper it gets but storage can be an issue: either you don’t have enough space or it’s not cost-effective to rent extra. Using storage units in Warwickshire solves this problem. They are available for short-term periods so you only need to rent what you need when you need it.  Choose one near to you so you’ll make delivery/collection easy and keep transport costs to a minimum.

2. Keep stock safe and sound

Christmas doesn’t last forever – it just seems that way. Warwickshire businesses will need storage for their year-round stock. Self-storage offers the ideal solution. Of course, you only pay for the time you need the storage, but there are usually flexible space options so you only pay for the space you need too! Your stock is accessible at all times but you can rest assured it will be kept safe and in clean units, ready for next year’s trading.

3. Get a Room!

Despite difficult trading conditions, the number of so-called ‘bedroom entrepreneurs’ continues to grow. They operate from home, using a room in the house for as office and stock room and sell direct mail via eBay. Xmas is often a great time for business but presents two problems: the bedroom is just not big enough for storage, but they also need to maximise houseroom for family reasons – extra guests or a place to hide presents. Local ‘bedroom entrepreneurs’ can take advantage of the storage options available in Warwickshire – they only need to rent the space they need for the time they need it – and their stock is safe and secure in the meantime.

4. New Year, New Start

For many Warwickshire businesses in the service industry, Christmas is actually a quiet time and offices often close between Xmas and New Year. It’s a good time for a good clear out to end the year. Cluttered offices are often demotivating, as well as looking untidy to staff and clients. Over the course of the year, paperwork, samples, stationery etc are collected which aren’t used on a daily basis. Warwickshire storage units offer a safe, secure and low-cost way to keep these items but keep the office looking clean and tidy – what a great way to start the New Year!

We can’t promise a profitable Christmas but we can offer a convenient, secure and low-cost self-storage service suitable for businesses in the Warwickshire and West Midlands regions.