Why Self Storage means Business

It’s a difficult time for local businesses with lower demand, higher material costs and increased transport and energy costs. Maximising opportunities is essential for entrepreneurs, and self storage in Nuneaton and Warwickshire can help local businesses gain a competitive advantage.

Here are just some ways:


Long term rental of warehousing and lock-ups only makes sense if they are used to their maximum capacity but that is rarely the case. It makes better commercial sense to rent storage on a short term basis – increasing your need when a consignment of stock arrives and decreasing as sales pick-up. Storage units in Birmingham and Warwickshire offer just that flexibility for local businesses.


Getting the very best price often means buying in greater quantities than you are used to or think you can handle and may require short term, one-off storage needs. Again, storage units in Birmingham and Warwickshire often allow you to rent from week to week so you can quickly find the extra space you need, pay only for the space you require and you are not tied to a long contract – keeping storage costs to a minimum so you can use all your spare cash on that great deal.


Security can often be an issue when storing stock. Renting a warehouse or lock-up on some remote industrial estate doesn’t guarantee the safety of your stock. Self-storage units often have their customers coming and going all the time so they feel more secure, and the owners are often on-site checking that everything is safely locked away. Midlands businesses that value security, as well as value, should check out the security features on self-storage in Birmingham and Warwickshire.


The past decade has seen a growth in ‘backroom entrepreneurs’ – small business who operate out of their home and often sell via the internet especially eBay and Amazon Marketplace. It’s a great way to run a business on very little capital and avoid costly commercial rents. Storing stock often becomes a problem though as back bedrooms soon fill up. Storage units in Warwickshire and Birmingham offer the solution. Importantly, rental is low and tailored to the amount of space needed, but perhaps crucially access is 24/7 so there is no problem in collecting stock at a time to suit you and your business. Self-storage solutions are helping businesses in Warwickshire and Birmingham – no matter what their size – buy at the best prices, reduce their overheads and maximise their cash flow.