A Checklist for your self storage needs

Not all self-storage companies are the same. Not only does the type of storage vary from company to company but their terms vary too – minimum leases, access to units, deposits required and notice to be given to vacate are just some of the elements that can change from place to place. And, of course, the amount you pay also varies from firm to firm.

If you are looking for storage in Warwickshire and Birmingham use this checklist when asking information from self-storage companies:


– deciding how much space you need is notoriously difficult to get advice from the experts in storage. Talk to them about your requirements. See if you can switch to smaller or larger units at the same location if your requirements change.

Type of storage

– check whether you are talking about units in a warehouse or converted unit or container storage, and how clean, dry and ventilated the units are. If you have particular specialist needs, then check they can accommodate these.


– think about how often and at what times you will need to access your stored items and be clear that the company can meet this need. Does 24/7 access – if promised- really mean 24/7 access?


– there are plenty of storage units in Warwickshire and Birmingham, so it makes sense to select one that is convenient for you –  especially if you need to access it regularly. But ‘convenient’ might not mean close to home; it may mean between home and business or centrally located to where you collect or drop off stock, for example.

Rental Period

– be clear about rental periods. Of course, you will want to know the minimum period, but also check to see if there are any discounts or reductions if you can commit to a certain period of time like 6 months.


– as well as finding out how much deposit the company requires, check what it covers and how soon it is returned after you vacate: do you take it when you leave or is it returned later?


– does your rent include insurance, and, if so, how much cover do you get? If not, ask about available insurance especially if you are storing high-value items.


– it seems obvious but ask if there are any other charges in addition to the rent, and find out how the charges are calculated. Do you need to pay for a minimum period and then have rent returned if you vacate sooner or can you pay month by month? How can you pay and are there surcharges for credit card payment or discounts for payment by standing order? Finally, when looking for storage in Warwickshire and Birmingham, see if the units are kept clean and tidy. Is the area looked after, and does it look like the units largely occupied and the place popular? Ask about the company and get a ‘feel’ for the business. After all, you are storing items of value – whether real or sentimental – so you will want to feel you have made the right choice.