Time to Declutter your business – with the help of self-storage

Here’s a daily exercise for anybody who works in an office or studio: take a look around you.

Do you see clean, clear spaces with everything sorted and organised, leaving you with a calm environment in which to maximise your productivity?

Repeat this exercise daily.

If your workplace is like the majority of offices in Warwickshire and the West Midlands you’re working environment will probably far from an oasis of calm.

Businesses find increasing demands on often already limited space. Offices often find themselves storing more and more items including:

Business-related paperwork: timescales vary depending on the type of business and the type of records but it’s likely their paperwork dating back some 7 years Correspondence Stationery Samples from suppliers Samples of work


Additionally, most offices have a fair collection of general ‘stuff’ (other descriptions may apply) that tend to clog up space for no apparent reason but never gets thrown away.

Seriously, there’s a good reason to think that messy, disordered offices and workplaces can lead to messy, disordered work. Psychologically, if staff see piles of documents and samples placed everywhere and anywhere, then new items to be stored can be added to the already disordered pile. And don’t you owe it to staff to provide as clean, tidy and smart a working environment as possible? Of course, these situations often develop over time and, despite intermittent attempts at tidying up, the volume never seems to reduce – in fact, the reverse is often true.

Fortunately for all Midlands businesses, storage facilities in Warwickshire and West Midlands offer a genuine solution.

They allow businesses to free up space without adding greatly to the cost base:


Low cost – as companies only need to rent the space they need, they are not paying unnecessary costs. And remember, rents for storage in Warwickshire and West Midlands are much lower than office rents Low commitment – there is no long term commitment to these Midland’s storage units so they can provide even a short term solution while you decide what needs to stay – and what doesn’t. 24/7 access – business hours get longer and longer so it may be that you need to recover a document or sample at short notice. These storage units can be accessed when required so the business is not affected. Clean and secure – ideal for documents, self-storage units provide a secure environment for all those old invoices, tax returns and employee form that your friends at HMRC want you to retain.


Not all self-storage facilities offer the same packages – so get some quotes and make sure there are no hidden extras but you may find yourself taking that first step to the office ‘declutter’ that may give your staff – and your productivity – a boost.