How Rotation Could Save Your Home

For a truly streamlined home, more and more people are turning to rotation to store their surplus possessions.

Rotating possessions in and out of storage is a great way to save shelf space whilst constantly giving you “fresh” options, but how does it work?

Read on for the Spaces and Places guide to rotation and how it could benefit different areas of your home.


Barbecues, outdoor furniture, parasols and deckchairs get a lot of use during the warmer months but won’t necessarily be called on during winter. Rotate seasonal garden tools and equipment to keep your kit in good condition all year round.


Rotation is an easy solution to keeping your home organized whilst ensuring your kids stay interested in the toys they own. Prepare 3 or 4 boxes of toys to replace and rotate every couple of weeks.

Sports equipment

If you manage to hold down a few hobbies then you’ll know that most sports tend to be seasonal. It’s unlikely that you’ll be using your sledge and your golf clubs in the same month so get seasonal gear into storage instead of letting it take over your garage.


Shelves filling up with CDs, DVDs and books? Put a selection out for use for a set period of time and put the rest into storage. After a couple of months, rotate your selection. Not only does this give you different options to choose from throughout the year, but it also tests how much you really like each one!


The kitchen is another good place to start with rotation. You might be getting a lot of use out of the slow cooker at the moment but when summer comes back around it will probably be shoved to the back of a cupboard. Instead of letting surplus items take over your workspace, stick them into storage until you need them.


Photographs and artwork hold great sentimental value but it can soon become a great battle for wall space. Halve the pictures on display by putting your frames into a self-storage unit. Swap them over every few months for a refreshing display.


Rotation is the key to wardrobe longevity! You could try it with workwear, shoes or everyday attire to ensure everything “gets a turn.”

Clothes rotation could also save you huge amounts of money. If you hate spending money on your wardrobe, use the summer/winter sales to stock up on discounted clothing and put it into storage along with other seasonal items. When the weather starts to turn you can return to your storage unit and find a host of clean clothes, appropriate for the season.

Rotation is a great way to clear space in your home without having to get rid of a single thing.

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