How Self Storage Can Help You Enjoy a Hobby

The New Year is a time for all sorts of resolutions, changes and improvements in our lives.

If you decided to take up a new sport or hobby for 2015, you may find that your new pastime is taking up more space than you anticipated.

While smaller-scale pursuits are easier to manage within the home, enthusiasts often come to us looking to store equipment, tools and collections that have simply outgrown their home.

Have you taken up one of these space-hogging hobbies this year? Give us a call to find out how we could help.


A collection that may have started in the corner of your spare room can soon take over, filling shelves from floor to ceiling. Whether it’s comic books, retro toys or classic cars that make up your collection, you don’t have to leave your treasured possessions exposed. Spaces and Places offer great value, airtight units with fixed ventilation, guaranteed to keep memorabilia in peak condition.


Sites such as Pinterest and Etsy have recently reignited people’s love of crafts with furniture making, jewellery design, knitting and pottery all becoming increasingly popular. If you’re considering starting a craft venture out of your home or have even been inspired to make money out of your hobby then it’s unlikely that you’ll want to stuff your living space with supplies, tools and hefty boxes. With an affordable storage unit, you won’t have to limit how much you create, with units large enough to store machinery, raw materials and finished products, allowing you to tackle any project that comes your way.


Sports enthusiasts can end up forking out a small fortune in specialist gear but often find they simply don’t have space in their homes to store it. Whether you need to store skis, surfboards, golf clubs or mountain bikes, Spaces and Places can help you clear your home of hefty items whilst ensuring they stay safe and secure until you come to use them.

At Spaces and Places, we are confident we can accommodate your hobby, whatever it is. We offer three convenient sized units, ready to fit in as much or as little equipment as you need:

·      20ft x 8ft x 8ft, approx. 150 square feet, approx. 1200 cubic feet

·      10ft x 8ft x 8ft, approx. 75 square feet, approx. 561 cubic feet

·      8ft x 8ft x 8ft, approx. 64 square feet, approx. 500 cubic feet

Our facilities are located in three convenient locations around the UK, meaning you are never far from getting back to your pastime. Get in touch to find out how a Spaces and Places self-storage unit could help you this year.