How to Create a Minimalist Home

Minimalist living is essentially the art of being able to live comfortably with less.

For those who tend to store anything and everything, the minimalist lifestyle is easier said than done, but it does have its benefits. A functional, spare and streamlined home can leave you with less ‘stuff’ and more time and money to spend on other, more important things.

Benefits of a minimalist home

Having less clutter to wade through and mentally process can bring many benefits to your life. Here are just a few:

•You’ll save money by only shopping for things you need

•A minimalist home is much less stressful to live in and can do wonders for your health and sleeping pattern

•Your home will be much easier to clean

•Your home will be more visually appealing and inviting

•You’ll be able to locate things with ease

•There will finally be more time for the things that matter

How to create a minimalist home:

1. Start slowly

It’s impossible to reduce an entire house in one go, so focus on one room at a time. Once you’re happy, move onto the next and repeat until your whole house is a centre of calm.

2. Furniture

Reducing bulky furniture can be key to achieving a minimalist home. It may be that you’re holding onto inherited furniture which you don’t actually want/need in your home. Many people put acquired keepsakes and antiques into self-storage until they are worth more.

3. De-clutter

Clear surface areas, drawers, and cabinets of any accumulated ‘stuff’. Keep and organise items that you use on a regular basis, throw away built-up clutter, and put things that you don’t need every day into storage.

4. Bare essentials

When going through your stuff, whether it’s furniture or artwork, ask yourself whether you could live without it. If the answer is yes then get rid. Put anything you’re not sure about into storage.

5. Redecorate

Once you’ve simplified your home you can give it a fresh new look by redecorating with solid, muted colours and a simple choice of decoration. Minimal décor definitely doesn’t have to mean boring, impersonal or sterile. Add colours, shapes and textures to a neutral background to add charisma to a room without moving away from the minimal path.

For help on reducing clutter and minimising your home, feel free to contact us to discuss how self-storage could benefit you.