5 Student Storage Secrets You Need to Know!

While it’s commonly referred to as ‘compact’ or ‘cosy’, there is no hiding the fact that student accommodation is small. Because of this, it is important to maximise the space you have whilst at university.  University can be hectic enough without the stress of a confined space, so we’ve put together some handy storage hacks for you in order to make the most of your space while you’re studying.

Use Your Vertical Space

With all your furniture in one room, it’s likely that you have more wall space than floor space. Use this to your advantage by buying corkboards, over the door pocket systems, or anything else that allows your belongings to be placed off the floor. Always check you have permission to drill into the walls first and that your hanging storage will not create any damage.

Get Shelving

If you are allowed to drill into the walls, shelving is a great way of adding maximum storage to your room. Having shelves mean less items are on the floor and they also open up your room more than a cupboard would; making it appear much bigger. It creates display space for any decorative items and study material that you need to hand. Ladder shelving can be a great alternative too if you don’t have permission to drill but don’t have a large amount of space either.

Under the Bed

Resisting throwing rubbish straight under the bed can be difficult but if you use the space effectively enough, a large amount of your belongings can be stored under the bed. Take a look at purchasing some plastic storage boxes which will help you be organised and prevent your belongings from getting dusty too.

Organise it

As mentioned above, organisation is key to keeping any space liveable. Shoe organisers are a great product as they can store anything; not just footwear. They can go in wardrobes, in bathrooms, wherever you deem best. As long as your items are in it and stored away, it’s doing its job.

Store it!

If you really can’t find the space for your belongings, consider hiring out a storage unit. They allow you to store any larger items that you don’t need to hand daily like winter coats, sports equipment or decorations. With a storage unit you can access your belongings whenever you like at an accessible location.

If you’re struggling to store your things at your accommodation, here at Spaces & Places we have secure storage in Manchester, Winsford, Nuneaton & Atherstone and Middlewich with 24-hour access. Get in touch today.