Improved Security Now at Spaces and Places Nuneaton

At Spaces and Places, we’re constantly reviewing and updating our security provision to ensure that our customers are provided with the most secure storage possible.

One of the most recent changes we’ve made at our Nuneaton facility is the addition of SmartWater®, the UK’s most powerful crime deterrent, to protect our property.

SmartWater® is a specially prepared paint which uniquely marks items and is only visible under UV light. SmartWater and almost impossible for thieves to remove and can be traced if something is stolen.

We are confident that displaying the SmartWater® logo on site will act as a powerful deterrent to any criminals operating in the area. SmartWater® also has a 100% criminal conviction rate.

We’ve also been making some improvements to out CCTV at our Nuneaton facility. The new strategically placed high tech cameras will survey the premises at all times, 24/7.

Spaces and Places facilities are also protected by a number of other strict security systems including:

·      A Coded Gate – Which allows you to gain access to the facility

·      A ‘Lock Box’ – Fitted inside each individual unit to take a standard padlock. The lockbox stops anyone cutting the padlock off. We ask that you provide a personal padlock and keep all the keys.

·      Secure Fencing surrounding each facility

·      Strict security protocol for trained members of staff to ensure unwarranted access is never gained

At Spaces and Places, Nuneaton security is of paramount importance to us. If you’d like more information why not give us a call or check out our blog where you’ll be able to find loads of helpful tips and tricks to help ensure the security of your unit.

For more information regarding secure self-storage in Nuneaton, please get in touch with us today on 02476 960 918.