Self Storage for a Bank Holiday Clearout

With the summer bank holiday less than a week away, you might be planning on using the long weekend as an opportunity to have a good clear out.

While we can’t promise to come and help clear out your cupboards, a Spaces and Places self-storage unit can certainly make your bank holiday clearout a whole lot easier!

So whether you’re tackling the shed, garage or spare room, we’re bringing you our top tips to help you get through it!

Take your time

Remember that you only have 3 days to finish the job so be realistic! It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to turn the whole house upside down in this time so set realistic, achievable goals.

If you’re still in need of a little extra space, there are a number of ways a storage unit can help your bank holiday spring clean. Here are just a few…

·      Free up space – If your house is brimming with ‘stuff’ but you don’t want to throw things away, why not put your belongings into a self-storage unit? Storing items that you don’t use on a regular basis can take the pressure off your home and leave it feeling ‘clutter-free’.

·      Secure storage – Antiques, childhood items and inherited pieces of furniture can take up a great deal of room but you won’t necessarily want to use them on a regular basis. Getting rid is probably not an option, so why not get them into a storage unit? With security fencing and 24/7 CCTV, you can rest assured that your valuables will be kept safe in one of our secure units.

·      ‘Maybe pile’ – If you’re not the type to ruthlessly throw things out during a spring clean then why not store your ‘maybe pile’ in one of our units? If there’s anything you’re unsure about you can keep it close by until you’ve made a decision.

To find out more about how Spaces and Places could help you tackle your bank holiday clear out, why not get in touch today.