It’s a self storage craze!

Recent media reports only confirm what anyone looking for storage in Warwickshire already knows – the demand for self-storage is growing and there are no signs is a slowdown, despite the economic climate.

Indeed the downturn in the economy may be fuelling the demand for self-storage. People hold on to items rather than folk out to replace them, even if they don’t use the items on a daily basis. Additionally, holding on to much-cherished possessions can provide a bit of a ‘comfort blanket’ in difficult times.

Let’s look at some of the facts behind the growth in self-storage

There are over 800 major storage facilities in the UK  There is a total of around 20 million rental sq footage in the UK  Modern self-storage began in the USA in the 1960s and was introduced into the UK in the 1990s Britain has the same amount of storage units as the rest of Europe combined  Storage in Warwickshire mirrors the UK market

Private users are taking advantage of flexible space, short leases and low prices to retain a wide variety of items – from furniture and household goods to cherished collections of DVDs, clothes, books etc.

According to the UK Self Storage Association, private individuals store for 27 weeks on average – with this period continue to grow. In fact, there are lots of stories of people never returning to their goods at all; although storage in Warwickshire and the rest of the UK will often provide 24/7 access so there is no lack of accessibility. Perhaps it’s the enhanced security that assures people that the items are safe at all times.

Of course, there are many reasons why many people don’t use self-storage. In a survey of UK households by Access Self Storage – quoted in a recent BBC online article – 90% of respondents reported an inability to part with treasured possessions, and this may be one of the factors involved.

Whatever the reasons, growth in local private users searching for storage Warwickshire continues.