Simple Storage for EBay Entrepreneurs!

eBay is a fantastic way to make money, from the comfort of your own home you can buy and sell any product making a pretty profit.

Many people use eBay to sell unwanted gifts or furniture; however, a craze is sweeping across the nation making entrepreneurs mountains of money as they search for a bargain to sell online.

Whether you sell furniture, catalogue returns or your own crafts, storage can be a problem. As you sit at the desk uploading the photos, your home study resembles something of an auction house. Items kept in outhouses or lofts can be risky as mice love to nibble and water has a habit of trickling through the smallest of spaces.

Just a tiny drop of damp can make your item used and not new, potentially creating bad feedback or reducing the price significantly.

Commercial Conundrums

There is another option; some successful EBayer’s branch out to buy commercial premises. A little lock-up shop just off the high street they display their items as they’re being sold over the World Wide Web.

However, this eats into expenditure, and all of a sudden that profit plummets, with business rates, utility bills and extra rent, your items rack up bills just by sitting there.

Big Brands = Big Bills

Big Brand storage solutions in Nuneaton and Winsford may seem like the ideal answer, but by their very nature, they are difficult to access with limited opening hours making their hefty price tag seem quite absurd.

Sealed, Safe, Secure- Storage of Any Size!

Here at Lock N” Leave Winsford we are proven to have the storage solution to suit any sized eBayer. Our watertight secure lockups are large enough for a family of five on holiday whilst being accessible 24/7.

As you sell an item, you can drive straight up to your own personal Winsford storage space, using the only set of keys bespoke to your self-storage unit, you will be secure in the knowledge that not even the owners have access.

For a price guaranteed to half the cost of the big brands, our Winsford storage solutions are an affordable way to store your items for sale, removing the worry and giving you back your spare room!

No longer will you have to crawl into the loft with a torch, or pay for that new roof on the outhouse, made from corrugated iron, you can walk straight into our lock-ups, knowing the only thing that can penetrate the tough walls and doors is you!

Help is on Hand

We’ll even help you move in, and with our manned office and 24-hour surveillance there will often be someone on hand should you need a lift with that leather bed or chest of drawers.

With easy access and space to swing a tiger, you can also escort customers to pick up their own items, saving you time and money and eliminating the need to invite strangers to your home.

This truly is the most cost-effective way to store items in Winsford, so call us today and bring out the best of your budding empire!