Pass Us Your Paper for a Clutter Free Office

All businesses accumulate mountains of paperwork. No matter how paper-free we try to be official bodies stipulate that we must hold onto written evidence for at least seven years. Computers are a wonderful tool for keeping records, however, despite the majority of businesses using them on a daily basis, as a nation, we’re still not 100% comfortable placing all of our important documents in the hands of a hard drive.

No matter what the size of the business, be it a small hotdog van in a layby or a whopping great retail store on the High Street, each one has its own storage problems, needing extra room for those extra papers, just in case.

Unless we’re at the heart of an Inland Revenue investigation it’s unlikely we’ll rifle through these papers again, which makes the space they take all the more frustrating as the office becomes a warehouse for folders.

Unlimited Access

Storage solutions in Winsford have the ability to store your important papers, with their lock-up storage local to you; you will have access twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Not only will your documents be kept warm and dry, but the spaces are also such that the organisation is simple. IF you want to spend time categorizing your papers, our units have all the space you need. No longer will your office floor resemble a sea of paper, and when finished you can stack and leave knowing that the only person to have access is you.

Or Just Lock N’Leave!

At Lock N’Leave Storage we don’t even own keys ourselves, you are given a completely unique set of keys that give you access to your documents whenever the need arises. Whether you need papers every day or once a year, you’ll know that those files will always be right where you left them.

We also have special rates for the long term, so if you’d like a space to store securely, and have little intention of visiting again, we can make sure that you pay less than you would be using your own commercial space.

Each lockup is completely watertight giving you the added insurance of knowing that no matter how long they’re left your documents are always in safe hands.

What’s more, with Nuneaton storage, Winsford and all around Cheshire we’re never far away, and if you’d like to instantly transform your office into a paper-free friendly space we can collect saving you time and money.

We have a range of options from small self-storage units to huge lock up areas and you can choose whichever is right for you. Easily accessible with added security, our storage solutions in Winsford are the local affordable choice.