Manchester Voted the Best Place to do Business in Europe

Manchester throughout the years has become a top contender in the business market. The reputation of the city and the success stories that Manchester has helped create, caused more businesses to move/ expand their company in this great city.

Manchester’s success as a city has resulted in a bi-annual study confirming that out of 100 cities worldwide, Manchester ranked the highest European city. The study took a number of factors into consideration when making this decision, which are:

·      The cost of conducting business

·      Taxes

·      Transportation

·      Labour costs

·      Facilities

·      Utilities

The results state; Manchester ranks higher than London, Berlin, Rome and Paris.

Why should YOU do business in Manchester?

Manchester has attracted the attention of many investors, new businesses and businesses looking to expand. This has resulted in the city been noticed globally as well as locally. However, one of the downsides of conducting business in the city centre is the cost.

Renting a small space in the city centre will put you out of pocket if you are a small company. Many businesses choose to work out of a storage unit, as there is little risk involved and an extremely high profit to gain.

By conducting business in Winsford, you escape the standstill traffic and high rent costs, yet you are still close enough to benefit from Manchester’s business reputation.

Storage units allow your company to grow, as you do not need to pay council tax and the units are at a low cost to rent. You are also able to reclaim any VAT if you are VAT registered. When your business grows, you can rent more storage units to cope with your increased work demand and if your business isn’t getting much interest, you can cut down on storage units, with as little as a week’s notice.

This flexibility and cost-effective solution is why many businesses succeed. Call Spaces and Places today to begin your business journey.