Trash to Treasure

If you watch any storage show, every episode leaves you in awe at the items found in units. Some items found even become published by newspapers and go viral on the web. Even though the chances of you becoming a millionaire by bidding on a storage unit is extremely unlikely, miracles can happen.

eBay, Amazon and other selling sites are popular due to a variety of items you can purchase. Vintage toys and unique items sell at high prices, and all the owner has to do to gain this financial wealth, is keep the items in pristine condition.

Remember when you were younger, and you received china dolls, beanie babies, toy cars and other toys you had set your hopes on Father Christmas bringing? If you saved these items instead of throwing them away, you may have won the toy lottery.

Trash to Treasure Items

·      A young couple went to a car boot sale and found a Princess Diana Beanie Baby and bought the toy for £10. Unknown to the seller, the Beanie Baby was 1 of 100 made in the world. The couple who bought the toy was able to sell it for an incredible £60,000.

·      In 2010, a person bid on a storage unit and what was inside? Newspapers on the day Elvis died. The newspapers were still in perfect condition and sold for $90,000!

·      An unopened Barbie from 1959 was auctioned on eBay and sold for $3,552.50. Wishing you had kept your Barbie’s now

Instead of wishing you hadn’t thrown items out, why not place them in a storage unit? The items will be kept safe, they will be in a secure environment and who knows, in a few years you may be bringing in a substantial amount of money.

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