Most Interesting Things Found in Storage Units!

Storage units across the world are used to store items that people don’t want to throw away, however there have been cases of some people storing items that would never usually cross our minds!

Prepare to be shocked at these unusual items found in self-storage units…

A leg…

That’s right, a human leg!

In 2007, during an auction, Shannon Whisnant purchased a storage unit and had no idea what he was about to find.

Inside the storage unit, there was a meat smoker, but when Shannon opened the lid, he found an amputated leg.

After a lot of investigation, it was revealed that the leg belonged to a man named John Wood. John had lost his leg during a plane crash and didn’t keep up with the payments of the storage unit.

However, here comes the big twist in the story…winning bidder Shannon gave the leg to the police, who then sent it to a funeral home, where adults were charged $3 and children charged $1 to see the leg!

John Wood finally has his leg back after taking Shannon Whisnant to TV court.

A burglar…

If you have seen a storage unit up close, you’ll know that it is extremely hard to break into discretely.

However, in 2011, criminal Ronald R. Dennis decided to give it a go and after managing to break into the storage unit, a security guard noticed that the storage unit door was ajar. When security shut the door, the burglar realised he had no chance of escaping. The security guard alerted the police and Ronald R. Dennis was arrested! Justice.


Actor Nicolas Cage was the lucky owner of the very first Superman comic, however in 2000, it was stolen from his home. 11 years later, the comic book was found in a storage unit. The man who found the comic book tried to sell the rare comic book, but unfortunately, because the comic book was reported stolen, it was returned back to Nicolas Cage.


In Florida, a family decided to keep their Grandmother’s memory alive by storing her in a storage unit. Grandma laid to rest in this storage unit for 17 years until she was found.

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