Reasons Why a Cluttered Home is Bad for Your Health

Clutter, everybody has it. Whether the kitchen table is turning into your own personal filing cabinet or that one chair in your bedroom is becoming a halfway house for clean clothes, bedding, or towels you haven’t quite gotten around to putting away yet. A little clutter in the home is natural and can often be resolved by slapping yourself on the wrist and setting aside some tidy up time. But what happens when the clutter gets out of hand? Well, studies suggest that too much clutter can actually be bad for your health.

It Stresses You Out

One of the biggest ways clutter can be bad for your health is the simple fact that it causes stress. Cluttered homes are notoriously difficult to find things in and cleaning becomes much more of a chore when you have to navigate around items that don’t have a dedicated place in the home. Lack of cupboard space to put anything away in, feelings of never-ending mess, or having to squeeze past bikes in a narrow hallway whilst carrying a vacuum cleaner are all sure-fire ways to stress even the most placid of people out.

Whilst a little stress can actually be a good motivator, on-going stress has a negative effect on the immune system and can cause fatigue, high blood pressure, and even heart disease! Clutter in the home can also have a negative impact on our relationships. When a mess is too big to blame on one culprit it can cause arguments and feelings of resentment in the home. 

It Causes Anxiety

Picture this: you walk into your kitchen and there are a couple of pots out on the side; there’s some unopened post on the table; and there’s a pile of laundry waiting to be taken upstairs. Tidying up will be a bit of a chore but after a deep breath you get stuck in and the kitchen is back to normal in 20 minutes. Now picture this: you walk into the kitchen and the countertops are full; the kitchen table is covered with a mixture of bank statements, personal documents, and junk mail; and every single dining room chair is stacked with laundry.

This isn’t a 20-minute task and it’s one of several rooms in your house in a similar state. Your heart starts racing at the thought of tackling this mess, and you’re not even sure you have the space in your home to tidy the clutter up into. When clutter becomes overwhelming it starts to impact other areas of our lives and you may find it causes on-going feelings of worry, panic, and dread that you feel as though you can’t escape from.

The Solution to Your Clutter Problem

Clutter arises when there is no place in the home for the amount of stuff within it. When things like paperwork, seasonal clothing, sports equipment, and decorations don’t have a permanent space to live in, they start invading space that’s already in use. The simplest solution to clutter is to find a home for your things. That’s where we come in. We here at Spaces and Places offer a wide-range of different sized storage solutions perfect for helping you to de-clutter your home. With 24-hour access you’ll never be in a situation where you can’t get to your personal belongings. Contact us today to discuss your self-storage options.