Reasons NOT to move

As we go through life, we’re often encouraged to make changes – the idea behind this being that it encourages us to grow as people by broadening our horizons and experiencing new things. But the fact remains that some of us simply aren’t quite ready to change yet, and that’s fine! If you’re one of those who might still feel like they’re on the fence about their next step, we’ve put together this list of reasons as to why people DON’T want to move.


Anyone who has lived somewhere for a certain length of time will undoubtably have some sense of sentimental attachment to their home. In the same way that a certain song playing, or a certain film will bring back flooding memories of specific joy or happy times, certain rooms in the home can create that same effect of nostalgia. Some people aren’t ready to say goodbye to that part of their life yet, and that’s ok.


People are often sold on the benefits of moving and how a fresh start could be “just what you need”. Whilst this might be the case for some people, others just like things the way they are. You’ve spent years making your house the perfect home, why would you want to give it up?


Not all of us are lucky enough to have neighbours who are both friendly and willing to help in times of need. For those of you fortunate enough to share a street with neighbours from heaven, we say hold on to them!


That country escape might seem like a great move in theory, but how does it affect your commute? Are you quite ready to give up your city flat with all those hipster bars and plush restaurants on its doorstep?

Forced creativity

Living in one home for a large amount of time means that at some point, certain trends will outgrow your décor. By staying put, you’re forced to harness your inner creative soul to reinvent your home time and time again. Because who doesn’t love a challenge?


When space becomes a problem, a lot of people’s first thought is that they need to upsize. We look at things differently – we see a space problem as an opportunity to declutter.

“But how?” you ask. That’s where we come in!

Storage space with Spaces and Places is a simple and affordable solution for any of your decluttering needs. Each of our sites is fully secure and fully equipped to make sure that all of those things you hold nearest and dearest are safely tucked away, ready for the moment you need them again.

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